PubMed Imports Simplified

Posted: January 24, 2014

We are happy to announce that Activity Insight has upgraded the publication tool. This upgrade enables you to connect directly to PubMed and import your publications to Activity Insight. This expands on the feature delivered late last year that enables you to load information from citation repositories such as Google Scholar, Library of Congress, Scopus and Web of Science. If you have your citations in a reference manager such as EndNote, ProCite, RefWorks or Zotero, you can now load them from those systems directly into Activity Insight as well.

To use this new feature, access Activity Insight, navigate to the “Published Works” screen and then select the new Import Items button. From there, the system will walk you through importing your publication citations from PubMed. The process is quite intuitive, and in case any questions arise, details on how to use this feature are available here.