Adria Navarro, Ph.D., LCSW

December 7, 2012
Navarro, A., Enguidanos, S., & Wilber, K. (2012, Winter). Identifying Risk of Hospital Readmission Among Medicare Aged Patients: An Approach Using Routinely Collected Data. Home Health Care Services Quarterly, 31(2), 181-195.

Navarro, A., Nerenberg, L., & Davies, M. (2012, Fall). In Pursuit of a Useful Framework to Champion Elder Justice. Generations, 36(3), 89-96.

Navarro, A. (2012, March). Strength Beyond Numbers: Multidisciplinary Teams Combat Elder Financial Abuse. Paper presented at the annual meeting of the American Society on Aging. Washington, DC.

Navarro, A., Gassoumis, Z., & Wilber, K. (2012, May). Holding Abusers Accountable: Improving Outcomes Using an Elder Abuse Forensic Center. The Gerontologist, 0, 1-10.

Navarro, A. (2009, January-2013, March). [Co-investigator] Evaluating an Elder Abuse Forensic Center Model [$260,006]. National Institute of Justice. Washington, DC.

Navarro, A. (2010, January-2013, June). [Co-investigator]. SWIFT: Social Work Intervention for Transition. [$225,000]. National Institute of Aging. Washington, DC.

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Adria Navarro
Associate Professor, MSW Program, Department of Social Work
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