Pamela Cone, PhD, CNS, RN

May 31, 2013
Cone, P.H., & Giske, T. (2013, April). Open Journey Theory: A Teaching-Learning Theory Based on Two Substantive Grounded Theories, Journeying with Students Through Maturation in Spiritual Care and Opening up to Learning Spiritual Care. Podium presentation at the annual conference of the Western Institute for Nursing. Anaheim, CA.

Cone, P.H. (2012, November). A Comparison of Faith Integration and Spiritual Care Content Threading. Podium presentation at the quadrennial international conference of the Nurses Christian Fellowship International (NCFI). Santiago, Chile.

Cone, P.H., Lang, L., & Brehm, C. (2012, October). Reconnecting to Overcome Adversity: From Research to Practice and Policy. Invited podium presentation at the annual conference of the American Academy for Nursing. Washington, DC.

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