Symposium: "Evangelical Voices on Science and Culture"

Posted: October 5, 2007

Over the past century, Christians in all theological traditions have had a tumultuous relationship with science. From courtroom trials challenging evolution, to school boards banning creationism in textbooks, science and religion have often been seen as enemies. But is that the whole story…?

On November 15, 2007, five leading voices will come together for an evening of dialogue, discussion, and proposals for thinking through the dynamic relationship between science and religion, and its implications for the Church in our postmodern age. Topics and speakers include:

Science and Religion Take Practice: Engaging Science as Culture; featuring James K.A. Smith, Calvin College

Saints, Sinners, and Scientists: Why We All Need the Virtues; featuring Craig A. Boyd, Azusa Pacific University

Evangelical Theology and Science: What Difference does Being Pentecostal or Charismatic Make?; featuring Amos Yong, Regent University

A Relational View of Divine Action for Science and Theology; featuring Thomas Jay Oord, Northwest Nazarene University

The Delightful Terror of Interdisciplinary Dialogue; featuring F. LeRon Shults, Agder University

Come join us for this thought-provoking discussion on one of the most important issues facing the Church today.

Symposium: “Evangelical Voices on Science and Culture”

When: November 15 at 6 p.m.

Where: Upper Turner Campus Center, Azusa Pacific University

For more information, contact Craig Boyd, director of the Institute of Faith Integration, at (626) 387-5771 or