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Interview with a Stickman - June '06

Bob was kind enough to sit down with a lucky member of the APU community to discuss his recent involvement in the smash hit* flash game, Stickman Bob Goes to APU.

*Marketing-speak for "played by some people sometimes."

Q: Is Bob your real name, and if so, haven't I seen you in a few places around the Internet before?
A: Yes, that is my name, and no, this is my first appearance online. Bob is a fairly common name for a Stickman, however. Think Smith or Jones.
Q: What was the most interesting part of working on these games?
A: Throwing books at people as a job was fun, but I think the best part was getting to use that prototype flying skateboard. When we were done with production, they actually let me keep it.
Q: Mind if I try it out?
A: Yes.
Q: Are the admission counselors really that scary in person?
A: Not quite, but it might be because they actually use their legs in real life instead of hopping around in some weird comatose state of two-dimentionality.
Q: Did you have any bad experiences?
A: Nine words: Not having a stunt double for those skateboard crashes.
Q: Are those really your brothers in the volleyball game?
A: Yes indeed. Steve, Fred, and Herbert were very excited to be part of this project.
Q: Are they red, blue, and green in real life?
A: No, actually. However, the producers felt that it might be difficult to differentiate between the players if they were all the same color. So Steve and Fred were nice enough to put on full-body makeup, while Herbert, who's quite allergic to that kind of thing, had to be greenified in post-production.
Q: Do you have any plans to work with Azusa Pacific University in the future?
A: I always have plans. In fact, I was just pitching an idea earlier this week... I thought it would be fun to take all the furnishings out of one of the multi-media buildings and refit it as flight simulator. They didn't go for it, though.
Q: Any parting thoughts?
A: Just one. For those of you who've never tried the volleyball game with four players on three or four keyboards, you're definitely missing out on some serious fun. It's just like a LAN party, but with USB cables... and only one computer... and no Counter-Strike.