The APU China Nursing Semester offers students the opportunity to learn, serve, and engage in international health care. Students are immersed in Chinese language and culture through numerous cultural activities, professional interactions in the Chinese healthcare setting, enrollment in Mandarin and Chinese courses at a prestigious Chinese university, and national travel.

The academic rationale focuses on three primary areas: academic enrichment, broader international health knowledge, and increased cultural awareness through the following:

  • Gain exposure, knowledge, and skills related to disease and conditions that are prevalent in developing countries.
  • Expand opportunities to practice cross-cultural sensitivity and competency.
  • Assist students in developing critical thinking skills under conditions of limited resources.
  • Provide a contrast of international health care systems with health care in America.
  • Offer practical experience for possible future careers overseas.

Student scholarships, grants, and other financial aid may still be used for payment while attending the APU Nursing Semester. For more information regarding program tuition and costs, view our financial aid policies.

For more information on courses and how to apply, visit China Nursing Semester - study away.