The APU Sacramento Semester offers students an immersive learning environment that provides internship and professional mentorship opportunities in California’s state capital. The program, based at Azusa Pacific’s Center for Public Affairs – Sacramento, introduces students to the field of public administration and offers practical learning opportunities for policy writing, civic engagement through public service, and developing Christ-centered leadership skills.

Apply to Study in Sacramento

For more information on courses, dates, and how to apply, visit Sacramento Semester - Study Away.


There are several academic tracks available through the courses of the Sacramento program. Courses and tracks include, but are not limited to the following areas: general education and electives, criminal justice, public administration, communications management, economics, social work, and psychology. See full course offerings and academic tracks.

Financing Your Sacramento Semester

Student scholarships, grants, and other financial aid may be used for payment while attending the APU Sacramento Semester. For more information regarding program tuition and fees, see the Financial Aid Policies.

Become a Host Family in Sacramento

Interested in becoming a Sacramento host family for our undergraduate students? Visit Sacramento Semester Program to learn more details if you would be willing to house students for the spring semester.