2016-17 Tuition

Prices are effective fall 2016 and subject to change without notice.

Azusa Pacific Seminary

Doctor of Ministry (D.Min.) (per unit) $524
Master’s degree programs (per unit) $524
Transformational Urban Leadership, M.A. (MATUL) (per unit) $444

School of Behavioral and Applied Sciences

Athletic Training, M.S. (per unit)$642
Criminal Justice, B.A. (bachelor’s completion) (per unit)$575
College Counseling and Student Development, M.S. (per unit)$687
Doctor of Psychology (Psy.D.) (per unit) $1,004
Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) (per unit) $727
Ed.D. in Higher Education Leadership, 2016 cohort (per unit) $994
Ph.D. in Higher Education, 2016 cohort (per unit) $1,050
Leadership, M.A. (per unit) $685
Master of Social Work (per unit) $689
Organizational Psychology, M.S. (per unit) $773
Physical Education programs*$675
Psychology, B.A. (bachelor’s completion) (per unit)$575
Psychology, M.S. (per unit)$655
Psychology, M.A., MFT (per unit) $717

*Cross-disciplinary; multiple tuition rates may apply.

School of Business and Management

Master of Business Management (MBM) (per unit) $742
MBA (per unit) $742
Master of Professional Accountancy (per unit) $772

School of Education

Educational Leadership, Ed.D. (per unit) $959
Educational Leadership, Ed.D., dissertation continuation courses (per unit) $479
Educational Leadership master’s degree and administrative credential programs (per unit) $689
Master’s degree, credential, authorization, and certificate programs (except School Counseling and School Psychology and Educational Leadership department programs) (per unit) $672
School Counseling and School Psychology, LPCC, and BCBA programs (per unit)$689

College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

ALCI Pre-Graduate: Level I–V (per semester) (no health fee included) $5,450
English, M.A. (per unit) $698
Liberal Studies, B.A. (bachelor’s completion) (per unit)$430
TESOL, M.A. (per unit) $528
TESOL, Field-based, M.A. (per unit) $369

College of Music and the Arts

Art Education, M.A. (per unit) $625
Master of Music and Master of Music Education (per unit) $627
Master of Fine Arts (MFA) (per unit) $682
Modern Art History, M.A. (per unit) $602

School of Nursing

Doctoral programs, PhD and DNP (per unit) $989
Master’s degree, credential, and certificate programs (per unit) $677
RN to BSN and Bridge to BSN (per unit)$450
BSN 2+2 and LVN to BSN (per unit)$752

University Libraries

School Librarianship, M.A.Ed., with Teacher Librarian Services Credential (per unit) $622
Teacher Librarian Services Credential only (per unit) $622

Continuing Dissertation

Half price per unit tuition cost for the following courses only:


Audit for all programshalf tuition
All other graduate programs and/or graduate students taking an undergraduate course (per unit)
Contact a Student Account Counselor for further details.
prices vary
Faculty Development Courses$674

For further information, contact your Student Account Counselor.