2017-18 Tuition

Prices are effective fall 2017 and subject to change without notice.

Azusa Pacific Seminary

Doctor of Ministry (D.Min.) (per unit)$535
Master’s degree programs (per unit)$535
Transformational Urban Leadership, M.A. (MATUL) (per unit)$447

School of Behavioral and Applied Sciences

Adapted Physical Education Added Authorization (per unit)$683
Athletic Training, M.S. (per unit)$653
Child Life, M.S. (per unit)$685
College Counseling and Student Development, M.S. (per unit)$713
Criminal Justice, B.A. (bachelor’s completion) (per unit)$593
Doctor of Psychology (Psy.D.) (per unit)$1,052
Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) (per unit)$753
Physical Therapy Clinical Fellowship$800
Ed.D. in Higher Education Leadership, 2017 cohort (per unit) $1,016
Ph.D. in Higher Education,2017 cohort (per unit) $1,088
Leadership, M.A. (per unit)$713
Leadership minor (bachelor’s completion) (per unit)$593
Master of Social Work (per unit)$713
Organizational Psychology, M.S. (per unit)$806
Physical Education programs*$713
Psychology, B.A. (bachelor’s completion) (per unit)$593
Clinical Psychology, M.A. (MFT) (per unit) $753
Research Psychology and Data Analytics, M.S. (per unit)$678

*Cross-disciplinary; multiple tuition rates may apply.

School of Business and Management

MBA or Master of Business Management (MBM) (per unit)$640
Master of Professional Accountancy (per unit)$695

School of Education

Educational Leadership, Ed.D. (per unit)$991
Master’s degree, credential, authorization, and certificate programs
(except School Counseling and School Psychology programs) (per unit)
School Counseling and School Psychology, LPCC, and BCBA programs (per unit)$718

College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

ALCI Pre-Graduate: Level I–V (per semester) (no health fee included)$5,500
Biotechnology, M.S. (per unit)$1,002
English, M.A. (per unit)$703
TESOL, M.A. (per unit)$533
TESOL, M.A. (Field-based) (per unit)$371

College of Music and the Arts

Master of Music and Master of Music Education (per unit)$648
Master of Fine Arts (MFA) (per unit)$701
Music Entrepreneurship, M.A. (per unit)$628
Modern Art History, M.A. (per unit)$623
Screenwriting, M.A. (per unit)$630

School of Nursing

Doctoral programs, PhD and DNP (per unit)$1,013
Master’s degree, credential, and certificate programs (per unit)$693
RN to BSN and Bridge to BSN (per unit)$450
BSN 2+2 and LVN to BSN (per unit)$770

University Libraries

School Librarianship, M.A.Ed., with Teacher Librarian Services Credential (per unit)$637
Teacher Librarian Services Credential only (per unit)$637

Continuing Dissertation

Half price per unit tuition cost for the following courses only: HED 795 (half price per unit for certain cohorts and based on student’s per unit cohort price), PPSY 795, EDUC 795. One unit tuition charged for GNRS 798


Audit for graduate programshalf tuition
All other graduate programs and/or nondegree/graduate students taking an undergraduate course
Contact a Student Account Counselor for further details.
prices vary
Faculty Development Courses$698
General Education courses for professional programs (variations may exist)$465

For further information, contact your Student Account Counselor.