2018-19 Tuition

Prices are effective fall 2018 and subject to change without notice.

Azusa Pacific Seminary

Doctor of Ministry (D.Min.) (per unit) $555
Master’s degree programs (per unit) $555
Transformational Urban Leadership, M.A. (MATUL) (per unit) $455

School of Behavioral and Applied Sciences

Adapted Physical Education Added Authorization (per unit) $705
Athletic Training, M.S. (per unit) $685
Child Life, M.S. (per unit) $700
College Counseling and Student Development, M.S. (per unit) $739
Criminal Justice, B.A. (bachelor’s completion) (per unit) $600
Doctor of Psychology (Psy.D.) (per unit) $1,090
Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) (per unit) $775
Physical Therapy Postprofessional Clinical Fellowship in Movement and Performance (per unit) $828
Ed.D. in Higher Education Leadership, 2018 cohort (per unit) $1,045
Ph.D. in Higher Education, 2018 cohort (per unit) $1,115
Leadership, M.A. (per unit) $725
Leadership Minor (bachelor’s completion) (per unit) $600
Master of Social Work (per unit) $730
Organizational Psychology, M.S. (per unit) $825
Physical Education programs1 $730
Psychology, B.A. (bachelor’s completion) (per unit) $600
Psychology Minor (bachelor’s completion) (per unit) $600
Psychology, M.A. (MFT) (per unit) $785
Research Psychology and Data Analysis, M.S. (per unit $701

School of Business and Management

MBA or Master of Business Management (MBM) (per unit) $648
Master of Professional Accountancy (per unit) $703
Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) (bachelor’s completion) $485

School of Education

Educational Leadership, Ed.D. (per unit) $1,025
Master’s degree, credential, authorization, and certificate programs (except School Counseling and School Psychology department programs) (per unit) $723
School Counseling and School Psychology, LPCC, and BCBA programs (per unit)$747

College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

ALCI Pre-Graduate: Level I–V (per semester) (no health fee included) $5,600
Applied Statistics and Analytics, M.S.$749
Biotechnology, M.S. (per unit) $1,013
English, M.A. (per unit) $713
TESOL, M.A. (per unit) $543
TESOL, M.A. (field-based) (per unit) $381

College of the Arts

Art Education, M.A. (per unit) $645
Master of Music and Master of Music Education (per unit) $654
Music Entrepreneurship, M.A. (per unit) $653
Master of Fine Arts (MFA) (per unit) $710
Modern Art History, M.A. (per unit) $630
Screenwriting, M.A. (per unit) $635

School of Nursing

Doctoral programs, PhD and DNP (per unit) $1,030
Master’s degree, credential, and certificate programs (per unit) $730
Master of Public Health (MPH) $777
RN to BSN (per unit) $457
BSN 2+2 and LVN to BSN (per unit) $777

University Libraries

School Librarianship, M.A., with Teacher Librarian Services Credential (per unit) $653
Teacher Librarian Services Credential only (per unit) $653

Continuing Dissertation

Half price per unit tuition cost for the following courses only:


Audit for graduate programs half-price tuition
All other graduate programs, nondegree students, or graduate students taking an undergraduate course (Contact your Student Account Counselor for further details.) per-unit price varies
Faculty Development Courses $723
General Education courses for professional programs (variations may exist)$465
Study away opportunities (available in some programs)prices vary

For further information, contact your Student Account Counselor.


  1. Cross-disciplinary; multiple tuition rates may apply.