2021-22 Tuition

Explore the list below to find your program and see tuition costs for the 2021-22 academic year.

Please note: For the 2021-22 academic year, while prices are subject to change, tuition and fees are established regardless of instruction mode, and will not be prorated or refunded in the event that instruction transitions from face-to-face instruction to another mode of learning, including remote or online learning.

Azusa Pacific Seminary

Azusa Pacific Seminary
Doctor of Ministry (DMin) (per unit)$569
Master’s degree programs (per unit) $569
Youth Ministry, MA (per unit) $535
Transformational Urban Leadership, MA (MATUL) (per unit) $462

College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
ALCI Pre-Graduate: Level I–V (per semester) (no health fee included)$5,800
Applied Statistics and Analytics, MS (per unit)$770
Biotechnology, MS (per unit)$1,035
English, MA (per unit)$735
Master of Public Administration (MPA) (per unit)$710
TESOL, MA (in-person and online) (per unit)$580
TESOL, MA (field-based) (per unit)$425

College of the Arts

College of the Arts
Art Education, MA (per unit)$664
Artist Certificate Program (per unit)$500
Digital Media and Communication, BA (bachelor’s completion) (per unit)100-200-level courses, $452300-400-level courses, $527
Master of Fine Arts (MFA) (per unit)$730
Master of Music (per unit)$673
Modern and Contemporary Art History, MA (per unit)$649
Music Entrepreneurship, MA (per unit)$672
Screenwriting, MA (per unit)$654
Strategic Communication, MA (per unit)$689
User Experience Design, MA (per unit)$661

School of Behavioral and Applied Sciences

School of Behavioral and Applied Sciences
Adapted Physical Education Added Authorization (per unit)$800
Athletic Training, MS (per unit)$750
Child Life, MS (per unit) $775
Clinical Psychology, MA (MFT) (per unit)$860
College Counseling and Student Development, MS (per unit)$820
Counseling Psychology with Specialization in Children and Adolescents, MS (per unit)$770
Criminal Justice, BA (bachelor’s completion) (per unit)100-200-level courses, $452300-400-level courses, $527
Criminal Justice Minor (bachelor’s completion) (per unit)100-200-level courses, $452300-400-level courses, $527
Higher Education Leadership, EdD, 2021 cohort (per unit)$1,140
Higher Education, PhD, 2021 cohort (per unit)$1,230
Leadership, MA (per unit)$785
Leadership Minor (bachelor’s completion) (per unit)100-200-level courses, $452300-400-level courses, $527
Organizational Psychology, MS (per unit) $810
Physical Education programs1 $800
Physical Therapy, Doctor of (DPT) (per unit)$900
Physical Therapy Postprofessional Clinical Fellowship in Movement and Performance (per unit)$1,150
Psychology, BA (bachelor’s completion) (per unit)100-200-level courses, $452300-400-level courses, $527
Psychology, Doctor of (PsyD) (per unit)$1,155
Psychology Minor (bachelor’s completion) (per unit)100-200-level courses, $452300-400-level courses, $527
Rehabilitation and Movement Science, PhD (per unit)$1,150
Research Psychology and Data Analysis, MS (per unit)$750
School Social Work, PPS Credential (per unit)$790
Social Work, Master of (MSW) (per unit)$790

School of Business and Management

School of Business and Management
MBA, Master of Business Management (MBM), or Master of Professional Accountancy (MAcc) (per unit)$672
Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) (bachelor’s completion) (per unit) 100-200-level courses, $452300-400-level courses, $527

School of Education

School of Education
Educational Leadership, EdD (per unit)$1,105
EdD Dissertation Continuation Courses (per unit)$553
Master’s degree, credential, authorization, and certificate programs (except Department of School Counseling and School Psychology programs) (per unit)$657
School Counseling and School Psychology, LPCC, and BCBA programs (per unit)$795

School of Nursing

School of Nursing
Doctoral programs (PhD and DNP) (per unit)$1,125
Master’s degree, credential, and certificate programs (per unit)$840
Master of Public Health (MPH) (per unit)$790
Oncology Nurse Practitioner Certificate (per unit)$1,125
RN to BSN (per unit)$460
BSN 2+2 and LVN to BSN (per unit)$810

University Libraries

University Libraries
School Librarianship, MA, and/or Teacher Librarian Services Credential (per unit)$674

Continuing Dissertation

Continuing Dissertation
HED 795 (half price per unit based on student’s per-unit cohort price), PPSY 795, and EDUC 795Half-price-per-unit tuition cost for these courses only
GNRS 7981 unit of tuition charged


Audit for graduate programs half-price tuition
All other graduate programs, nondegree students, or graduate students taking an undergraduate course (contact your student account specialist for more details) per-unit price varies
Faculty Development Courses $745
Study-away opportunities (available in some programs)prices vary

For more information, contact your student account specialist.


  1. Cross-disciplinary; multiple tuition rates may apply.
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