How to Manage Your Student Loan Debt

As a graduate student, you may be facing different or more complex educational financing issues than you did as an undergraduate. This may raise questions such as:

  • How will I pay for graduate school now that I’m on my own?
  • If I do decide to take loans, how much should I borrow, and how will I make those funds last to cover all of my program costs?
  • Can I really successfully complete a graduate degree?

If you have any of these or similar questions, Life Skills may provide the answers you need. This free, online, self-directed financial literacy program will answer most of the questions you have about paying for and successfully completing a graduate program.

To begin using the Life Skills curriculum, please take note of the following access information:

School Code: 00111700
Student Access Code: 00111700-01

Please note: If you have been assigned to do a Life Skills lesson(s) as a part of your Satisfactory Academic Progress requirements, APU will automatically receive a report indicating your successful completion of the lesson(s).

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