Behavioral and Applied Sciences

Higher Education

College Counseling and Student Development Assistantships

A number of scholarships are available to CCSD students on an annual basis. Scholarships are awarded based on financial need and/or merit and in amounts typically ranging from $1,000 to $7,000. Scholarship applicants are strongly encouraged to meet the CCSD program application priority deadline of January 31. The CCSD Scholarship Application is due by March 1. For more information, contact the program coordinator at (626) 815-5485 or

Ed.D./Ph.D. in Higher Education Fellowships

A limited number of academic merit and leadership scholarships are available to entering students whose admission portfolios have provided evidence of such merit and/or leadership. These $3,500 scholarships are awarded by faculty after reviewing the portfolio; no additional application is necessary. Continuing students may be supported by research or teaching assistantships of up to $2,000 a year, by faculty invitation only. Dissertation fellowships of $2,000 are awarded on a competitive basis at the dissertation proposal stage.

Doctoral Psychology

Psy.D. Doctoral Program Assistantships

Funds are allocated to provide six Teaching-Research Assistantships (TRAs) each academic year. Students may apply each year for the first three years of their program. TRAs receive 50 percent tuition remission plus an annual stipend of $6,250. TRAs must provide 15 hours of service per week in the Department of Graduate Psychology during September through June of the academic year. The director of the Psy.D. program determines the roles and responsibilities of the TRAs. The Department of Graduate Psychology reserves the option to, in certain circumstances, divide the TRA positions into eight-hour-per-week positions (each student receiving one-half of the benefits) in order to assist more students.

Students must reapply for the positions each year. Students who are awarded a TRA position during any year are welcome to reapply for each of the first three years of their doctoral program. Decisions are made yearly and are based upon the needs of the faculty and the program.

Preference is given to applicants who evidence strong academic credentials (high GPA and GRE scores, in particular) and financial need. Cultural knowledge and language skills that facilitate the provision of psychological services in an underserved community and commitment to provide psychological services in an underserved community following graduation are also taken into consideration. Applications for the assistantships and criteria for evaluation of applications are available in the Department of Graduate Psychology.

Doctoral Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy Graduate Student Assistantships

Third-year Doctor of Physical Therapy students are eligible to apply for one of five graduate assistantships valued at $6,000 plus 50 percent remission of the third year’s tuition. Students awarded graduate assistantships are expected to work an average of 15 hours/week for one full year, assisting instructors with classroom and research duties. Applications for the assistantships are available in the Department of Physical Therapy.

Gawenda Seminars and Consulting Scholarship

This scholarship honors Gawenda’s appreciation of the Christian student in financial need in the incoming class of the Doctor of Physical Therapy program. One scholarship approximating $1,000 is awarded annually to an incoming DPT student. The application deadline is October 30 for Spring 1. To apply, please fill out the 2017-18 Gawenda Seminars and Consulting Scholarship Form (PDF).

Free Wheelchair Mission Scholarship

This scholarship from the Free Wheelchair Mission is given in appreciation for the support APU's Doctor of Physical Therapy program has provided over the years in developing, giving, and training within their organization. Eligibility: DPT II or DPT III students. The award ranges from $2,000 to $5,000 to be awarded annually based on availability of funds. To apply, please fill out the 2017-18 Free Wheelchair Mission Scholarship Application (PDF).

Physical Education

Kyle Ian MacDonald Memorial Scholarship

This scholarship is in honor of Kyle Ian MacDonald, M.S. ’15, a graduate of APU’s M.S. in Physical Education program. The intent of this scholarship is to financially support students in the pursuit of teaching and mentoring students through coaching, physical education, exercise science, and sport management. Awards range from $2,500-$2,800. To apply, please fill out the 2017-18 Kyle Ian MacDonald Memorial Scholarship Application (PDF) and email the completed form to