• Individual integrity: Members of the Azusa Pacific University community are expected to act honestly and responsibly, not only in their academic pursuits, but also in their interactions with others and in their dealings within the community.
  • Respect for others: We strive “to encourage, equip, and enable each student to fulfill his or her great potential, and in turn, encourage, equip, and enable others.” In order to facilitate this mission, community members should treat one another with respect and fairness, allowing all members to explore and grow in their educational pursuits at APU.
  • Respect for the university: The university’s general resources and physical property are fundamental to its mission. Respect for these resources is essential.

Professional Standards of Conduct

Some academic departments and programs have expectations of student conduct specific to their profession or discipline. In addition, they also have administrative procedures for addressing alleged violations of those expectations. Students should refer to their program handbooks, where those exist, for details on conduct expectations and the process for addressing infractions. The student Standards of Conduct outlined in the catalog convey the university’s expectations of all graduate students and should be understood as university-wide requirements in addition to program-specific expectations.

Visit the university catalog for more information about standards of conduct for graduate students and professional students.

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