Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Behavioral Intervention and Resource Team (BIRT) the same as the Care Team?

No. The Care Team supports the traditional undergraduate student population, while the BIRT is focused on supporting graduate and professional students.

When should I submit a student concern referral?

Faculty and staff are encouraged to use the online Student Alert and Referral Form for academic and nonacademic challenges that arise year-round. Challenges can include, but are not limited to, personal or financial crisis, sudden death of a family member, extreme distress, or classroom disruptions.

How does the BIRT work?

The Behavioral Intervention and Resource Team meets every two weeks to discuss referrals and to review the overall trends and needs of our APU graduate and professional student body. When a referral is received, it is assessed by the director or associate director of student affairs. Some issues may be managed immediately, while others may require consultation with BIRT members and others, where appropriate, to determine the best avenues of support.

What can my students expect if I submit their information?

Once the Student Alert and Referral Form is submitted, a BIRT representative will reach out to the student by email to set up a phone call, video conference, or in-person meeting to gather additional information regarding the situation and determine the potential support a student needs or is seeking. The team connects students with helpful resources and support options and then follows up with students at future scheduled appointments.

Will I receive updates about my student?

Faculty and staff who submit referrals will hear from a BIRT representative if clarification is needed regarding the student’s situation, or if resolving the student’s issue involves the faculty or staff member. The team will also communicate with faculty and staff to notify them that the student issue is resolved or that the student has been informed of resources to assist in resolving an ongoing issue.

Our department has services and support for students. Why should I refer students to the BIRT?

The BIRT and its services allow faculty to invest time in the academic development of students while partnering with a team dedicated to providing students out-of-class support. This structure also allows the university to track need trends and areas of opportunity for graduate and professional students.

I am concerned about a student at a regional campus. Can I utilize this resource?

Yes. The Behavioral Intervention and Resource Team serves graduate and professional students at all Azusa Pacific University locations, including the High Desert, Los Angeles, Monrovia, Murrieta, Orange County, San Bernardino, and San Diego regional locations.

Who serves on the Behavioral Intervention and Resource Team?

Representatives from the following areas serve on the Behavioral Intervention and Resource Team as core or ad-hoc members: Graduate and Professional Student Affairs, Military and Veteran Services, regional campus representatives, Learning Enrichment Center, University Counseling Center, Community Counseling Center, International Center, Office of the Chaplain, Campus Safety, and faculty.

How can I support the BIRT?

Please share this resource with your APU colleagues and utilize the system to support your students in need. The BIRT is also eager to partner with APU faculty. If you are a faculty member interested in serving on the team, please contact Ebony Staten, associate director of Graduate and Professional Student Affairs, at