Procedure for Visiting Students for APU Off-Campus Programs

This procedure is specifically for students from other universities who wish to attend the High Sierra Semester or other programs sponsored by Azusa Pacific University. Students who wish to attend a program for one semester should be enrolled in their home university and any financial aid (federal aid and loans or institutional aid) will be awarded by their home university according to their policies. The student will be admitted to the Azusa Pacific University program as a visiting student only.

Application and Registration Process

Prospective students may contact the Center for Global Learning and Engagement for additional information. Visiting students who wish to apply for APU programs must complete a visiting student application for the program of their choice:

Please send completed applications to:

Center for Global Learning and Engagement
Azusa Pacific University
PO Box 7000
Azusa, CA 91702-7000
Fax: (626) 857-2444

The Center for Global Learning and Engagement notifies students accepted into APU’s Off-campus Programs by sending the forms and procedures required for registration. All visiting students must complete the APU Off-Campus Programs Registration Form and return it to the Center for Global Learning and Engagement.

Financial Responsibility

The home university should forward payment to Azusa Pacific University for any financial aid or loans credited to their student’s account to cover their semester charges for the off-campus program. The student must ensure all charges are paid in full before the semester begins.