Courses Offered

The academics at High Sierra are well known for their rigor and challenge. Taught by a team of inspiring and passionate faculty, the humanities courses follow a Great Works model designed to introduce students to ideas and minds that have shaped the world. Courses in philosophy, literature, and theology are all taught by our accomplished faculty who construct courses to integrate with one another, creating a unique learning environment where both peers and professors have an understanding of the total course content and make connections across disciplines. Alumni consistently attest that it is this element of the academics at High Sierra which sets apart the Great Works education.

The following courses are typically offered during the academic year. Each humanities course (HUM XXX) may be taken as a General Education core course. Students in the Honors Program may enroll in many of the HUM courses for Honors credit; Honors requirements are waived for students in the Honors College. Our course offerings change each semester, so contact the director for the most current course list.

High Sierra Semester Courses