Message from the Director of Student Life

Imagine sitting on the shores of Bass Lake, wrapping up a discussion on Dante with your professor and classmates. As you walk back to campus from the lake, you find another professor and some peers getting ready to leave for a mountain bike ride; in the dining hall, peers and professors are drinking coffee and talking. Two days from now, you, your peers, and faculty and staff will leave for a six-day backpacking trip. And for you, all this is normal.

It is normal because you have chosen to attend Azusa Pacific’s High Sierra Semester.

In brief, the High Sierra Semester experience is composed of 35-45 students who choose to make their home at Emerald Cove Camp, located in Bass Lake, California, just outside Yosemite National Park. These students, along with faculty and staff, engage in interdisciplinary studies, interact in a small community environment, experience spiritual growth and renewal, and explore leadership through outdoor activities and excursions.

I invite you to consider joining us for a semester. Visit our campus during a High Sierra Preview Weekend to get a glimpse of the experience. You can find more information on this website or by contacting me. I look forward to sharing more with you about this unique and life-changing adventure.


Director of Student Life and Cocurricular Administration, High Sierra Semester; Adjunct Professor
Phone: (559) 642-4555