Why Choose Honors?

The Honors College curriculum starts with the premise that good leadership requires a clear sense of what ought to be done and how best to do it. Such an understanding starts with examining life’s most important questions: Who are we? Why are we here? Who is God and what is our relationship with Him? What are our responsibilities to others? What is good? What is true? What is beautiful? These questions, which raise issues of meaning, value, and purpose, are the backbone of the Honors curriculum. Students study classic works that address these questions and prompt serious discussion.

In this vein, the Honors College intends to produce scholarly disciples, equipped and worthy to assume positions of leadership, having grown in wisdom, virtue, faith, and eloquence.

Why should I participate in the Honors College?

You can . . .

  • Replace all of your General Education courses with Oxford-style, writing-intensive tutorials taught by exceptional APU faculty.
  • Study the classics, including works by Aristotle, Shakespeare, and C.S. Lewis, in a close-knit community of faculty and intellectually-gifted undergraduates dedicated to acquiring a broad and balanced liberal arts education.
  • Receive priority class registration, service credits, and even a second major.
  • Benefit from opportunities to publish your works and present them at regional and national conferences.
  • Participate in a vibrant living and learning community with other Honors students in Honors Housing.

What opportunities are available through the Honors College?

  • Incoming freshman participate in Auxilium, a unique peer-mentoring program designed to provide additional support for the transition from high school life to college life, and into the APU Honors College.
  • Honors students can benefit from opportunities including studying abroad in Oxford, working on research and scholarly projects, and receiving special scholarships
  • Upon graduation, students who complete the Honors College curriculum will receive a second major (Honors Humanities) and an Honors Scholar designation on their diplomas.
  • After graduation, benefit from the Honors alumni network and continue to receive valuable resources and advice from the Honors College.