Changes to Assignments


Reassignment requests that are made before check-in are decided by the Office of Residence Life, but changes are rare, since any individual assignments can also affect other students and are often not in the best interest of the larger community. After check-in, a student’s area director determines requests for room change. Students must contact their area director to initiate the process and may not move to another housing unit until the change is approved. Students who move without approval may be required to move back and/or may be subject to a fine and disciplinary action. Housing charges will be prorated for each week spent in a given assignment.

COVID-19 Update: Residents may be required to relocate to another unit/room if recommended by the Student Health Center, and must do so as and how required.


Housing assignments may be terminated only through the following processes: cancellation, petition, or revocation.

  • Cancellation: Students who continue their enrollment with the university and have received an assignment may cancel prior to check-in, but will incur a termination fee of 5% of the semester rate. Students who discontinue their enrollment with the university will incur no fees before check-in. Cancellation of housing requests must be submitted in writing to the Office of Residence Life by email at Cancellations by telephone or other means are not accepted. Summer assignments may be canceled at any time.
  • Petition: Students who have checked in and committed to campus housing with the university must submit a Petition for Campus Housing Termination form to be considered. Petitions are considered for students who are suffering significant hardship due to a change in their finances or with their family.
  • Revocation: A campus housing assignment will be revoked if a student’s enrollment status changes (lack of enrollment after the add/drop period, withdrawal, leave of absence, or acceptance into an APU study-away program). The university may revoke a campus housing assignment at any time for violation of any of the provisions in the Undergraduate or Graduate Housing License Agreement or these policies. Students who are subject to disciplinary action may have their campus housing assignment revoked by the university.

In the event an assignment is terminated after check-in, room charges will be prorated for each week spent in a given assignment based on the date the key is returned or the date the locks are changed. If this calculates to 60 percent or greater of the term, then no adjustments will be made. Students whose housing assignment is terminated must check out and vacate the housing unit within 72 hours of notice of termination; those who fail to do so will have the locks changed at their expense and may be trespassed from the university. Students will also be responsible for damages and/or cleaning costs.

COVID-19 Update: Students will not be entitled to any refund for housing assignment revocation or termination, regardless of when the revocation or termination occurs, due to resident’s failure to abide by any law, regulation, public health agency guidance, or APU policy, procedure or social distancing protocol related to the health and safety of the resident or others in the APU or local community, including COVID-19. Such failure will be determined in accordance with student conduct procedures by the Office of Student Affairs.

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