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Facilities Management, Campus Safety, Information and Media Technology, Campus Events, Mail Services, Study Away Programs, and Residency Verification Requests

Facilities Management

Any living area maintenance concerns, including furniture, should be reported to the Facilities Management work order system, which can be accessed at If the work order system is down, calls will be accepted at (626) 815-3527. If there is a bug, flea, or roach problem, it must be reported to Facilities Management immediately. Facilities Management staff have the right to enter students’ rooms/units to perform maintenance work.

Campus Safety

Students (and their visitors/guests) who bring a car on campus must follow the requirements of the APU Vehicle Code. The Department of Campus Safety issues parking permits (including Alosta Place HOA placards) and living area gate clickers. Bicycles must be registered with Campus Safety. Bicycles should be stored and locked in outside racks or stored in residents’ rooms/units. Bicycles may not be stored in stairwells, entryways, or other fire exits. The university cannot accept responsibility for the safekeeping of bicycles.

Information and Media Technology

Information and Media Technology (IMT) manages wired and wireless network/Internet access in campus living areas. Questions can be addressed to the IMT Support Center at or (626) 815-5050. There are several types of wireless devices that operate at a frequency which conflicts with the APU wireless network. Use of these wireless devices is strictly prohibited in all living areas. Failure to comply with this restriction will result in removal of the device from the living area and subject the residents to possible disciplinary action. See the IMT website for a list of devices that are prohibited in the living areas.

Event Services

All coin- and card-operated vending machines, washers, and dryers in the living areas are managed by Event Services. Inoperable machines should be reported per the instructions posted at the machines. Requests for refunds of money lost in the machines should be directed to Event Services.

Mail Services

Mail service is not provided to individual living areas. Mail Services assigns each student a mailbox for the entire time he/she is enrolled at APU.

Study Away Programs

Students who participate in study away programs (South Africa, High Sierra, L.A. Term, etc.) are encouraged to live in campus housing when they return. Students who study abroad have the same opportunities as all students to secure campus housing upon their return.

Residency Verification Requests

All student housing, residence verification requests, and background investigations are directed to Student Life Administration. A charge of $15 per request for this service is due from the student or entity requesting the service.