The RD Corner

Residential Learning

  • Oversees the resident advisors in the planning, administration, and evaluation of programs within the living areas.
  • Facilitates the creation and implementation of a needs assessment survey and utilizes the tabulated results to plan and coordinate activities based upon developmental program models.
  • Challenges students to initiate and develop healthy interpersonal relationships with their peers.
  • Supports/initiates within the living area, efforts associated with academic support, spiritual formation, cultural diversity, emotional wellness, and life planning.

Administration and Supervision

  • Submits weekly/end-of-year reports and compiles and submits weekly vacancy reports to the associate director of housing.
  • Handles room assignments and changes for his/her living area throughout the year and supervises check-in and check-out in cooperation with the coordinator of residence life services.
  • Monitors physical (health and safety) condition of living area, including usage and condition of furniture. Reports known physical damage, facility-related problems, or housekeeping concerns immediately. Conducts health and safety inspections of individual student rooms at least once a semester.
  • Alternates with other residence directors on duty availability for all campus residents. Residence directors take turns covering major holidays.
  • Assists in the selection of new resident advisors in the spring, including conducting individual and group interviews.
  • Other special duty assignments (e.g., chapel team, assist in Office of Residence Life, etc.)

Mentoring, Coaching, and Role Modeling

  • Is available to any students in the residence for discussion of concerns and problems. Appropriately refers students to other offices as needed.
  • Provides guidance, support, and direction to resident advisors during RA training, Walkabout, RA excursions, RA class, fall and spring in-services, and at any other times appointed by the director of residence life (staff retreats, leadership conferences, etc.).
  • Maintains an attitude of discipleship and serves as a support and resource to students in their quest for spiritual growth.
  • Role models behavior that reflects a commitment to uphold the university standards of conduct in one's own life; on and off campus consistent with the lifestyle expectations of Azusa Pacific University students on campus.
  • Meets weekly with the director of residence life/ associate director of residence life, the professional residence life staff, and the resident advisor staff as a whole and individually to discuss policies, procedures, programs, concerns, resident problems, discipline situations, and personal development issues.

Intervention and Accountability

  • Understands and can communicate the rationale for university regulations.
  • Assists, confronts, and intercedes in disciplinary and emergency situations as they arise in the living areas; provides the appropriate written and verbal behavioral data relevant to administering guidance, support, and/or discipline; and reports/refers to the director of residence life as necessary.
  • Supports or does not openly disagree with university regulations.
  • Serves as a resource and referral support to faculty, staff, parents, and other university constituents.

Working Definitions

Office/Living Area Hours

The residence director must be present and available 5-8 hours weekly within the central housing office. These hours will be coordinated with the entire residence director staff to ensure ample office coverage. The residence director must also maintain office hours within their living area. During these times spent providing coverage in the living area (generally involving both daytime and evening hours every week, as well as appointed meeting times), the residence director is in or around the living area pursuing responsibilities as outlined in the job description. The residence director is generally expected to maintain an appropriate and reasonable level of availability to students, within his/her designated living area. The role often requires availability during evening and weekend hours. Therefore, residence directors must notify the director of residence life of any personal or professional activities that would necessitate their absence from their designated living area for any substantial or ongoing periods of time.

Duty Coverage

Residence directors will alternate duty days every week. There will be a rotating weekly duty schedule to be determined by the residence director staff to ensure coverage on the campus. During these times, the "Residence Director On Duty" will carry a pager as well as a cellular phone in order to respond to emergencies. During the day, the "Residence Director on Duty" must remain no further than 10-15 minutes away from campus, and must remain on campus after 7 p.m. Adequate campus supervision will require some Residence Director duty coverage during official holiday periods (i.e., Christmas and Easter vacations). Residence director staff are expected to be available during special weekends: Homecoming, Orientation (fall and spring), and Commencement. In addition, all residence directors must be reasonably present and available prior to and during check-in and check-out weekends, including the transition from spring to summer housing. All outside classes, internships and practicum require prior approval from the director of residence life.


Residence directors take turns in covering duty during the official holidays. The schedule is worked out with the associate director for Residence Life. All vacation requests (including Christmas and Easter) must be made to the director for residence life.

Appropriate Relationships

Residence directors maintain appropriate relationships with students, which are free from favoritism with and toward any undergraduate student. Further, he or she does not place unfair expectations upon undergraduate students in their relationship with the residence director; nor does he/she enter into social dating relationships with undergraduate students, as relationships between staff members and university undergraduate students are deemed inappropriate and harmful to student and staff.

Weekly Breakdown of Responsibilities

Individual appointment with director of residence life 1 hour
Team meetings with other Residence Life staff members 3 hours
Individual appointments with resident advisors 4-9 hours
Team meetings with resident advisors 2 hours
Committee tasks and special duty assignments 10 -12 hours
Posted office hours (in central housing office) 5-8 hours
Living Area Office Hours 8-10 hours
Advise Living Area Council 2 hours
RA Class (fall Semester) 2 hours

These responsibilities are unique in that they may require investments above and beyond the estimated 40 hours per week commitment.