What are Oversubscriptions?

In years when student enrollment exceeds the number of campus housing spaces available at double occupancy, oversubscriptions (tripling and quintupling) may be required to provide housing for as many students as possible. Oversubscriptions will not be offered for the 2021-22 academic year.


Students who are oversubscribed will receive a discounted housing rate. For involuntary oversubscriptions that remain oversubscribed past the official check-in date, the discounted rate will remain as long as the student continues in the same room. For voluntary oversubscriptions, discounts will be applied for only that time spent in an oversubscription; if a room returns to standard capacity during the course of a term, discounts will be prorated by the week. If a student is assigned to an oversubscribed room during the course of a term, discounts will be prorated for the semester from the date of assignment. Please see the housing policies for more information.


For students who are oversubscribed, the additional bed will be lofted so that an additional desk and dresser can be placed under the bed. Oversubscribed rooms are designated in advance and these rooms will not have furniture removed, even if every bed space in the unit is not filled. An additional roommate may be added at any point in the term. View our housing policies for more information.

Communicate with Roommates

We recommend that students connect with their roommates before they move in so that they can strategize on what to bring. We also recommend holding off on space saving purchases (plastic storage, shoe racks, etc.) until after you arrive so you can see the space you are working with. Bed Bath and Beyond, Target, and Wal-Mart are all within short driving distance from campus.

Student Resources

It is important that students understand that they have resources on campus if they need them. Every student has a Resident Advisor (RA) who lives close by who can help. There is also information online about living with roommates that can help your roommate group in successful living.

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