Advanced Human Resource Management Certificate

The Advanced Human Resource Management Certificate program is a joint venture between the Office of Human Resources’ Workplace Learning and the School of Business and Management.

The 12-unit (4 three-unit classes) program is designed for post-baccalaureate APU employees who desire to develop their management and leadership skills, and apply concepts and principles that will enhance their personal and professional development.

The Advanced Human Resource Management Certificate program is committed to preparing employees to serve as organizational managers and leaders through a broad-based management education. The program builds conceptual skills and core values needed to become effective managers and leaders in today’s rapidly changing global business environment, and specifically emphasizes the application of theory to management practice.

This certificate program incorporates work which may be applied to a Master of Business Management (MBM). Academic advising with the MBM program coordinator is available for certificate program employees wishing to pursue their master’s degree.


The Advanced Human Resource Management (HRM) Certificate is based on the following objectives:

  • To increase the participant’s knowledge of:
    • External influences on HRM such as laws, policies, and regulations in the economy
    • Organizational influences on HRM like business strategies and organizational culture
    • International aspects of HRM
    • HRM outcomes and objectives
    • How to manage the employee life cycle, from recruitment and selection through separation activities
    • How to develop employees through performance assessment and training
    • How to compensate employees through equitable pay and benefits
    • How to respect employees’ dignity and their collective bargaining rights through employee and labor relations
  • To improve skills in:
    • Diagnosing and solving human resource management problems
    • Written and oral communication
    • Critical thinking and analysis
    • Teamwork

Program Requirements

The Advanced Human Resource Management Certificate is granted to employees who complete all four courses listed below (12 units with at least a B grade in each course):

More Information

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More information on program distinctives and benefits, cost, prerequisites, and the application process can be found on the Certificate Programs page.