Meet the Staff

  • Andy Vivanco
    Executive Director
    IMT Media Services, IMT Support Center, IMT Computer Store, and IT Procurement
    Phone: (626) 815-5487
  • Chris Kelly
    Director of Athletics Broadcasting, Media, and Live Events
    Phone: (626) 815-5279
  • Karl Morgan
    Video Production Manager
  • Barris Shao
    Video Production Specialist
  • Ryan Bowman
    Manager of Chapel Production and Lighting Coordinator
  • Chad Loury
    Manager of Event Production, Athletics Broadcasts, and Graphics
  • Dan Bakies
    Broadcast, Production, and Event Systems Engineer
  • Sean Gabel
    Audio Engineering, Event, and Production Specialist
  • Jonathan Lord
    Classroom and Event Technology Manager
  • Steven Smith
    Classroom and Event Technology Specialist
  • Mark Case
    Classroom and Event Engineer
  • Timothy Walsh
    Classroom and Event Repair Technician
  • Pablo Rangel
    IMT Purchasing Specialist
  • Victoria Mayo
    IMT Purchasing and Project Coordinator

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