Information and Media Technology

Email Etiquette

We encourage email users to have a basic understanding of good email etiquette. The Email Etiquette (PDF)* guide will help users learn the foundations.


For a list of IMT policies, including those related to email, visit the policies index.


Forwarding email hoaxes is a violation of APU's Acceptable Use Policy. Check the validity of email warnings, petitions, and special interest alerts before forwarding them. Below is a list of virus and hoax resources for your benefit.

  • Read the official IMT list – A list of email hoaxes and viruses provided by IMT for the benefit of the APU community in Outlook > All Public Folders > APU Public Folders > E-Mail Hoaxes
  • Search by subject and find out if an email is legitimate or a hoax: Archive of Urban Legends and Folklore
  • Check the McAfee website for new legitimate virus warnings or to see if the one you just received is a hoax:
    McAfee virus information
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