International Enrollment Services

When and How You Pay

International Students need to pay in full at the beginning of each semester.

Payment information


Azusa Pacific University now offers electronic billing (e-bills) and payment as the primary means of providing student account statements and payment options to all students; paper statements are no longer printed or mailed for enrolled students. Students receive emails at their university email address, enabling them to review their statement and make payments through our online Billing and Payment System.

Please visit Graduate and Professional Student Financial Services for your payment options.

Check or Money Order

Please take your check or money order directly to the Graduate and Professional Student Financial Services office located at the Graduate and Professional Center.

Wire Funds

Please download the Wire Transfer Funds Form (PDF) and fill in the “Funds wired from” and “Purpose of funds” sections. This form can be given to the institution wiring funds. It is VERY IMPORTANT that you notify your bank; 1) to whom your money will be credited (Azusa Pacific University), and 2) who the beneficiary is (student name and ID).

Contact your local bank to determine wiring fees and include this fee in the total amount.

Financial Aid

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