Meet Our Enrollment Counselors and Staff

Enrollment Counselors

  • Youn Ju (Grace) Kim

    Senior International Admissions Counselor

    Having studied at APU as an international student, I learned how well international students could fit in with proper support and assistance. I was born and raised in South Korea and studied in Canada and the United States. I am now very happy to be back at my alma mater helping international students. I love interacting with international students and making them feel at home.

  • Angelica Madera

    International Admissions Counselor

    As a former international student from Cuba, I was impacted by my enrollment counselors’ helpfulness and devotion; to such a degree that upon graduation, I decided to return to APU, this time as part of its staff. I am passionate about helping those who, like me, are native from a different country and still in a process of adaptation. In my free time, I like to visit different museums and have a robust, southern-style steak. In general, I seek to have others experience me as a graceful and embracing person, especially towards those who are away from home.


  • Yuriko Bassett

    Assistant Director of Enrollment Services

    Born and raised in Saitama, Japan, I am proud to be “Made in Japan.” I consider the USA home, but I appreciate food, cultures, and customs from different countries. I earned my master’s degree at APU. I’ve also visited Canada, Taiwan, Ethiopia, Germany, Denmark, and Sweden.

  • Debra Nasipak

    International Inquiry and Short-term Program Manager

    What I love most about my job is the ability to interact with people from all over the world. The friendships I form with our international students allow me to learn about countries that I haven’t been able to visit—yet. Having grown up in the desert of Arizona, I enjoy being close to the California beaches and mountains. Having graduated with bachelor’s and master’s degrees from APU, I love being able to help others experience APU. It was a life-changing experience for me and I believe will be for others, too.

  • Wendi Sparling, M.A.

    Application Maintenance Specialist

    As a native Arizonan, I enjoy exploring California’s beaches and mountains. I graduated from Grand Canyon University in 1993 with a B.S. in Sociology. My first international trip was with my grandmother, who taught me to appreciate meeting new people and experiencing different cultures. I have lived in Switzerland and have visited (and gotten lost in) England, Scotland, Germany, Austria, Italy, and Mexico.

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