Intercultural Groups and Awareness

Intercultural Groups

There are several campus groups that serve both international students and Third Culture Kids (TCKs). International Scholars and Students partners with these groups to promote international awareness on the APU campus:

  • Japanese Outreach
  • Korean Fellowship
  • Third Culture Network
  • African Student Awareness

For More Information

For more information on ethnic organization, visit Student Center for Reconciliation and Diversity. For information on clubs and organizations, visit Communiversity.

If you’re interested in starting a new intercultural group, please email

International Awareness

International Student Services seeks to promote international awareness on campus through the following efforts:

  • International Student Awareness Month
    • International Student Poster Campaign
    • ISS Open House
    • Flags of the Nations in the Dining Hall
  • Intercultural training with student groups and classes
    • Action Team Training
    • To request a training or to request international students participation in an event, please contact Vijay Jacob at
  • Campus-wide Events
    • Worship Prayer for the Nations
    • APU World Market
    • Night Market