IT Standards and Academic Technology

Purpose of the Position

The University has determined Information Technology (IT) standards for the effective operation of core applications and software products. These standards and guidelines are agreed upon for common use in APU. There is a need to balance this centric set of standards with a liberating academic environment that enables faculty to provide an excellent, effective, innovative, and efficient learning, teaching, and research environment.

Ethos: Technology should be entrusted to those who utilize it with appropriate responsibility and accountability.

University Standards and Guidelines

University standards and guidelines are instituted to support the administration of the university, its business processes, and academic instruction. As such, these standards and guidelines are agreed upon by the UIMC4, and entrusted to the Office of the CIO for implementation, support, and training.

Principles for Faculty Research and Teaching IT programs

No software, technology, or media should be used if it is illegal or unethical. It should not conflict with the values and mission of APU and identified in the “Software Copyright DMCA, TEACH ACT” policy. The university should not be at risk (organizational, financial, legal et al.) through the introduction of new technology and software. Learning from technology related programs and initiatives should be shared with UIMC for communal learning and stewardship purposes. Projects and initiatives, outside of UIMC5, undertaken by departments or faculty within these principles, must be within the authority, budget, and responsibility of the Dean and Department Chair. It is the prerogative of the Dean to implement additional principles or procedures that are more stringent than this organizational position. IT will provide support services within their capacity and capability, to install hardware, and software, and provide first-line troubleshooting as requested by the Dean.

Appendix A – Policy Routing

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