Computer Migration

Computer migration is the process of moving files and programs from one system to another during a routine refresh/upgrade. IT will move the following files, programs, user settings, and preferences during the migration procedure:

  1. Outlook settings
    • Outlook profiles
    • Outlook personal folders (.pst file)
    • Outlook personal address books (.pab files)
    • Other mailboxes set up to open
    • Outlook signatures
  2. Printers
    We will only reinstall APU printers.
  3. Dial-up modem settings
    We will only reinstall APU dial-up.
  4. IE favorites and Netscape bookmarks
  5. File types listed below
    If you have files other than these, IT is not responsible for them. You will need to move them before the migration/refresh. We will search the computer for these files regardless of where they may be stored. The files that we moved will be put back on the machine, after the migration/refresh procedure, in the "My Documents" folder.
    • Microsoft Word (*.doc, *.dot)
    • Microsoft Excel (*.xls, *.xlt)
    • Microsoft PowerPoint (*.ppt)
    • Microsoft Access (*.mdb)
    • Microsoft Publisher (*.pub)
    • Microsoft Outlook (*.pst, *.pab)
    • Microsoft Project (*.mp*)
    • Microsoft Visio (*.vs*)
    • FileMaker Pro (*.fp3, *.fp5)
    • SPSS (*.sav)
    • Micrograde (*.cls)
  6. IT-supported applications
    Further information regarding supported software is available. We will reinstall only supported applications, assuming that there is a valid license for them.
  7. Wireless
    (If the computer has wireless capability)
  8. Background wallpaper

In effect as of October 1, 2002.

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