Part-time Staff/Adjunct Computer Policy

Summary Philosophy

Azusa Pacific University acknowledges that as technology advances into the new millennium, communication and interactions will incorporate developing technologies that provide easier and cheaper avenues of providing for color, full motion, improved sound, and even touch. The university restates the presupposition that it will generally lag behind cutting-edge technologies long enough to provide for “debugging,” a stable environment, and somewhat-reduced pricing.

General Assumptions

We have not yet reached the stage where the percentage of the university operating budget for computer technology as a utility is sufficient to support computers for part-time staff and adjunct faculty.

It is recognized that there may be a need for a part-time staff or adjunct faculty member to have a computer. Until strategic planning incorporates computers for this group as a whole, requests are individually reviewed.

A formal request can be made by filling out the IT Computer Request Form and submitting it to the IT Support Center. The formal request must include the following:

  1. Signatures of department heads, chairs, and deans
  2. Justification for the request
  3. Date submitted

Criteria Used in Decision-Making

The following criteria are used:

  1. Can the person use other computers located around the campus? If not, why not?
  2. What are the specific tasks and uses that require computer usage?
  3. What percentage of the job description relates to this usage?
  4. Does the person have an office that includes data and electrical?
  5. Is there a shared printer in reasonable proximity to the office?
  6. Will computer usage by the part-time employee be monitored?
  7. Are there specific requirements beyond the university standards for either hardware or software?

Once the form has been received by the IT Support Center, a work order is generated and an email sent to the requestor with the work order number as notification that the form has been received and is in process. The form is reviewed by IT and a decision communicated to the requestor in the form of a response to the work order with an explanation of the decision.

If the computer request is approved, the requestor will be asked for an account number for the payment of the computer at a cost of $6,000.

Appeal Process

In the event that the computer request is denied, the requestor may submit a written request for review with the deputy chief information officer/executive director of IT.

Appendix A: Policy Routing

Status: Approved (approved on November 1, 2000)
Revised on: October 17, 2005

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