Software Copyright

Purpose of the Policy

Information Technology will purchase and maintain legal computer software licenses for any computer software purchased by Azusa Pacific University, or otherwise utilized on computer hardware that is purchased by Azusa Pacific University and/or physically located on university premises.


his policy applies to all Azusa Pacific University employees and addresses issues of software purchasing, requirements, and donations.

General Information

Legal: Legal is defined as in compliance with applicable copyright laws and license agreements with software manufacturers and distributors.

Azusa Pacific University has a large investment in computer hardware and software. The technical ease with which software can be copied or installed multiple times does not negate that such actions often are in violation of applicable copyright laws and/or the license agreements with the manufacturers governing the original purchase of the software. Moreover, regardless of the legalities, unauthorized copying is unethical. It is simply another form of stealing someone else’s property.

Software manufacturers and distributors often monitor the compliance of their customers through a formal audit process. In addition, manufacturers have taken legal action to enforce their software agreements and copyrights.

The implications to an organization such as Azusa Pacific University being involved in a "software piracy" charge would be detrimental to our core values, image, and credibility as a Christian higher education organization. In addition, the financial implications of settling charges such as these could be crippling and would definitely not represent good stewardship of resources entrusted to us.


All computer software packages should be legally purchased and used. This includes software installed on computer hardware purchased by Azusa Pacific University, in addition to computer hardware utilized on the university premises.

Legal purchase and use would normally imply the following:

  • The original media and manuals are of original distribution from the vendor, and are available on the premises that the software is being utilized.
  • The software is being used in accordance with the license agreement under which it is purchased, i.e.
  • No unauthorized copies are made;
  • The software is not installed on more than the authorized number of users;
  • Software installed on a server in a client /server architecture has an appropriate multiple user license.

In the case of donations, the original package is obtained and written evidence is available that the software has been donated.

Responsible Organization

The Chief Information Officer is accountable for the monitoring and correct implementation of this policy. Questions or points of clarification should be referred to the Chief Information Officer or the APU legal department.

Appendix A – Policy Routing


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Approved by: John C. Reynolds, Vice President for Information Technology/CIO
Author: John C. Reynolds, Vice President for Information Technology/CIO

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