Series E Phone

Hold Call Press the red Hold button
Hold Retrieve Press the Line button
Transfer (Screened) Press the Transfer button, dial extension, announce transfer, hang up
Transfer (Unscreened) Press the Transfer button, dial extension, listen for ring, hang up
Call Park Press the Transfer button and *9, hang up
Call Park (Local Retrieval) Lift handset, dial #9
Call Park (Directed) Lift handset, dial #8 plus the original extension
Program Speed Dial

To set available line buttons as speed dial buttons, your line button(s) must be programmed by IT. If your line button(s) are already set for speed dialing, proceed to steps 1-5 below.

To have IT program your line button(s) for speed dialing, email or call the IT Support Center with the following information: what is the primary extension of the phone that needs to have speed dial buttons? How many of your available line buttons would you like to be setup as speed dial buttons? With this information, a technician can program your button(s) to be used for speed dialing and you can proceed with the following to setup speed dial buttons.

  1. Leave the handset down and press Feature button
  2. Select a line button (must be one of the line buttons that has been programmed by IT for speed dialing)
  3. Enter phone number just as you would dial it (include 9 if off campus)
  4. Press Feature button
  5. Display screen will indicate “SPEED SET”
Conference While on a call, press the Transfer button, dial a second number, press the Conf button. A total of three parties may be on a call simultaneously.
Redial Lift handset, dial #7
Or lift handset, press the Redial button until the number you wish to dial is displayed (the phone stores the five most recently dialed numbers), and press*.
Call Forward When forwarding your calls to voicemail, the extension number to enter is 3750.
See more options below.*
*Call Forward Options
Activate Deactivate
Ring No Answer *5 plus the extension #5
Forward Busy *2 plus the extension #2
Forward All *3 plus the extension #3
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