ITT Faculty Workshop: Flipping the Classroom

Posted: October 14, 2013

Date/Time/Location (one workshop offered three times)

  • October 22, 3-4pm, PDR (East Campus)
  • October 24, 9-10am, VIP (West Campus)
  • October 24, 11-12pm, VIP (West Campus)

Workshop: Flipping the Classroom: An Overview

Presenters: Dr. Eileen Hulme, ITT Faculty Fellow, and Dr. Mike Truong, ITT Executive Director

Abstract:  Flipping a classroom entails several shifts.  "Course materials" are delivered online outside of class and "homework" is done during classroom time.  The teacher's role goes from being a "sage on the stage" to being a "guide on the side."  This introductory workshop will provide an overview of what a flipped classroom entails, highlighting best-practices, strategies, and tips. Select the following link for more information on the flipped classroom.
Presentation Materials:
If you want to learn more about this workshop, please contact Dr. Mike Truong.