October Newsletter

Posted: October 23, 2013


Center for Teaching, Learning, and Assessment

Innovative Teaching and Technology (ITT) Newsletter
 Dear Faculty,
We hope your semester is going well.   In addition to offering a variety of teaching and technology webinars and workshops on various topics, we've been busy working on a few other initiatives.  Here are a few highlights:  
  • Blended Learning Project: We had a strong interest in participating in the BLP.  We've selected 3 faculty for the Research Cohort and 20 for the Teaching Cohort.  Both cohorts will receive training on curriculum design and technology considerations, aimed at leveraging the blended delivery model to enhance the learning experience.  
  • Online Course Design: We are in the midst of updating our process and application for converting face-to-face courses for online delivery.  The new system will provide greater efficiency and effectiveness.  
  • Request Services Button: To streamline the process for getting assistance from an ITT professional, we've created a Request Services button on our main website, located on the right-hand side.  If you need an appointment for a consultation, training, or other services, please use this online form. Please note that due to the high volume of requests, we typically respond to requests within 2 business days.
 Upcoming Webinars and Workshops
 Join a Webinar
Human Element: Tools for Humanizing Your Online Course 
offered by Sloan-C
Oct. 29th 2-3pm | Register Free Here

MOOCow: Teaching Online for Beginners
offered by TLTG
Oct. 4th to Nov. 15th | Register Free Here

Turnitin: An Overview
offered by Dr. Debbie Gin
Nov. 19th 11:30-12:30 | Register Free Here
Attend a Workshop
Flipping the Classroom: An Overview
offered by Dr. Eileen Hulme, Faculty Fellow, and Dr. Mike Truong, ITT Executive Director
Oct. 22nd 3-4pm | PDR, E. Campus
Oct. 24th 9-10am | FEC VIP Room, W. Campus
Oct. 24th 11-12pm | FEC VIP Room, W. Campus
Register Free Here

Sakai Communication Tools and Practices
offered by Dr. Dan Bricker, ITT Faculty Trainer
Oct. 28th 9:30-10:30am | Sakioka Training Room, E. Campus
Register Free Here

Mobile Learning Bootcamp
offered by Tim Schreffler, ITT Technology Coordinator
Nov. 1st 11-1pm | FEC VIP Room, W. Campus
Register Free Here

View the full ITT Calendar Here!
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