Teaching Millennials and Generation Z - Presenter: Jillian Gilbert

Posted: August 15, 2014

As higher education institutions such as APU strive to identify the needs of future students, it is necessary to consider how students’ values and expectations are changing. This workshop will apply strategic foresight methods to compare generational values and experiences between Generation Y (Millennials) and the emerging generation -Generation Z. As these generations become the predominant profile within the classroom, this information will provide valuable insight into what will shape university students in the next ten years.

In this interactive training, we will identify the benefits and challenges of the most widely accepted classroom instruction methods and then discuss which methods will be most effective in the future classroom. It is also necessary to redefine the role of the professor as well as consider the reciprocal relationship between professor and student. Participants will leave this discussion with a better understanding of how to effectively engage and equip future students.

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