Student Peaceful Assembly and Forum Policy

It is the desire of Azusa Pacific University to promote appropriate expression of views that do not conflict with the mission/identity of our unique Christian higher education community. To accomplish this, provision is made for peaceful assemblies and forums rather than protests or demonstrations. The policy of Azusa Pacific University with respect to peaceful assembly and forums on all campuses, is as follows:

Time, manner, and place are subject to the approval of the office of the vice president for Student Life/dean of students or designee. A request by an APU student group to hold any event that could be otherwise construed as an assembly or forum must be submitted, and written approval must be in possession of those in charge at the time and location of the assembly/forum. Only sound amplification that is officially authorized is permitted.

Time and place guidelines

  • Limited between the hours of 8 a.m. and 8 p.m., Monday-Friday.
  • The interior of Seven Palms (or other approved locations) upon submission of request and written permission from the vice president for Student Life/dean of students or designee.

Such activities may not interfere or disrupt the orderly conduct of university business, events, or infringe on the rights of others. In the event the area is not restored to its original condition, the organizer will bear fiscal accountability.

Assemblies or forums that exceed these limits will subject participants to temporary or permanent suspension from the university or other sanctions as outlined in the Cougar Student Handbook.