Application Documents

The L.A. Term application process is now completely paperless. Conscious of the negative impacts that waste has on the environment, we have shifted to a more efficient application process. Students can now submit their application documents online.

Application and Questionnaire

If you are accepted into the L.A. Term program, we will utilize a questionnaire, along with your three personal photos, to design a Student Profile sheet to give to your new host family. In return, students will receive a Host Family Profile complete with background information, contact information, home address, amenities, and basic rules and expectations of the household before the start of the semester. The student and host family profiles serve as an introduction, set a good first impression, and help in the transition process. The questionnaire will also help us match students with an organization in the Internship Placement Process.

Unofficial Transcripts

Please submit your unofficial transcripts from every college and university you have attended. To download your APU unofficial transcript, log into For transcripts from other colleges and universities, please do not copy and paste information into a Microsoft Word document. Transcripts copied and pasted into a Word document will not be accepted. For the selection process, we will review the number of units earned, not attempted.

At the end of the application and questionnaire, you will have the opportunity to upload a PDF version of your unofficial transcript to the online form.

Three Personal Photos

Please submit three different personal photos that best represent your personality and interests.

Requirements for personal photos:

  • JPEG format only
  • High-resolution photos
  • Photo size between 300 KB–10 MB
  • Color photos
  • Do not submit similar photos. Use different photos and not just headshots.
  • Do not embed your photos onto a Word document (submit photos separately)

Two Recommendations

Two recommendations are required. A professor, employer, religious leader, residence hall director or assistant, and/or APU staff member. The L.A. Term staff will verify the authenticity of the recommendation by phone or email confirmation, if necessary.

Schedule Interview

Once your full and complete application has been received and processed by the Center for Global Learning and Engagement, the L.A. Term Coordinator will contact you to schedule an interview.

Application Deadline

Still accepting applications