Best Of: Burgers

Now, we have done quite a bit of research on LA burgers, so we feel this list is pretty accurate. Discover the mouth watering taste of LA’s best burgers. If you decide take the burger challenge, please come back to comment. Here’s the list in no chronological order.

Umami Burger
You don’t even need teeth to bite into this burger. It’s that juicy.

York Burger
An amazing gastropub and restaurant located in Highland Park.

Father’s Office
Everything else pales in comparison.

Not only can you get a great sandwich, you can also order an ube shake.

Apple Pan
An old school spot where you wait at the counter to grab the next seat.

Kalbi Burger
The best of Korean BBQ fused with the American classic in Koreatown

In N Out
The question is not, “Is it good?” It’s…where’s the closest one.

The Habit
Some might say it rivals In N Out. Blasphemy? Maybe so.

The Original Bob’s Big Boy
Childhood favorite: Super Big Boy Combo

The Counter
312,000 different burger combinations. If you’re indecisive, don’t go here.

The Original Tommy’s
Heart attack chili burgers. The original spot is on Rampart and Beverly.

Hawkin’s House of Burgers
A no frills burger joint in Watts that’s been around for 29 years!

The Spot
A pretty decent veggie burger in Hermosa Beach.

Golden Mean Cafe
Another veggie burger with tempeh bacon.

Hinano Cafe
A dive bar and restaurant along the Venice Beach boardwalk.

Comme Ça
A fancy spot that apparently has the New York Times raving.