A primary way that the L.A. Term makes a positive, long-term impact in the community is through the 10-week internship program. During the internship, students come into relationship with the pains, patterns, and predicaments, as well as the hopes and struggles, experienced in the context of life in Los Angeles.

All students engage in an unpaid internship for 12 hours per week with a participating nonprofit, community-based, government, or faith-based organization. Students choose from selected community organizations sponsoring projects related to economic development, community health, education reform, environmental protection, and immigration, among others.

Students receive a list of qualified internship sites before the semester begins with contact information and website addresses for each. Within the first three weeks of the L.A. Term semester, students go through a structured internship placement process that guides them through résumé building, drafting a cover letter, and training on professional networking and how to conduct an outstanding interview. 

After securing the placement, students meet with their internship supervisor to formulate a work plan, or Learning Contract, for the semester that will meet both the organization’s needs and the students’ interests. Throughout the semester, both the organizations and students become teachers and learners, beneficiaries and contributors. Together, they form mutually beneficial service relationships directed toward improving the quality of local life. The participating organizations benefit by gaining access to the time and talents of undergraduate students for their community-building efforts. Student participants benefit through the opportunity to transform abstract concepts into real lives within real communities.

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We have connections with many organizations who are doing good work in Los Angeles and who are eager to engage students. Contact us for a current list of our participating organizations.