Tuition and Fees

For more information regarding program tuition and fees, contact One Stop | Student Financial Services at (626) 815-2020 or

Los Angeles Term 2017-18
Tuition $18,463
L.A. Term Program Fees $4,000
University Health Fee[1] $715
University Service Fee[2] $290
Total $23,463

Financial Aid

Student scholarships, grants, and other financial aid may still be used for payment while attending the Los Angeles Term. Review the Financial Aid Policies for more information.


Keep in mind that the cost of living in Los Angeles is very high in comparison to other U.S. cities. Please budget accordingly for miscellaneous purchases you will make during the course of the semester, such as an occasional lunch, frequent coffee shop visits, entertainment, extracurricular activities, and personal items. 

We strongly encourage students to save as much money as possible for the semester. Generally, students have budgeted roughly $600-850 for personal expenses and $200 for course books.


  1. Students have the opportunity to waive this fee.
  2. Mandatory for every student.