Visiting Students

Non-APU students are welcomed and encouraged to attend the L.A. Term. These students are designated as “visiting scholars” by Azusa Pacific University, which allows them to remain enrolled in their home universities while participating in L.A. Term.

Students receive 15 units of undergraduate course credit from APU after completing the term, which is transferred to their home universities. There must be a consortium agreement between APU and the student’s home university in order for credits to transfer. Non-APU students should consult directly with the L.A. Term staff as soon as possible to see if an agreement exists.

Contact Paul Hertig, Ph.D., program director, at for more information.

Cost of Program for Visiting Students

Non-APU students generally pay discounted APU tuition rates for their classes at L.A. Term. The program fee for the semester is $4,000, which covers housing, three meals per day, a student TAP Card, and programming expenses. Students pay tuition, room, and board costs to their home universities, just as they would if they were on campus for the semester. APU then bills the student’s home university for the L.A. Term. Students should have roughly $500-$1,000 available while on the L.A. Term for other costs including books, lunches, and personal expenses. See Tuition and Fees.

Financial Aid for Visiting Students

All financial aid you receive at your home university may be applied toward L.A. Term.

Applying to L.A. Term as a Visiting Student

Prospective students from other colleges and universities must complete the same application process by the stated deadline. Interviews will be conducted over the phone or Skype.