Why L.A.?

Los Angeles has emerged as the cultural capital of the 21st century, and perhaps the nation’s greatest urban classroom. Participants in L.A. Term encounter people from more than 140 countries speaking 224 languages. They see firsthand how Los Angeles, as an anthology of the world, showcases a diversity of food, art, music, religion, lifestyle, and identity, a mix unmatched by any other city in the world.

Whatever one’s field, Los Angeles as a “classroom” can vitalize and deepen one’s understanding of the world. From politics to public art, business to biotechnology, entertainment to education, L.A. has become synonymous with innovation and invention. This context enables the student to take personal and academic interests and explore them in their cutting-edge developments. Then, they can step back and consider how the divine purpose in history relates to the complex worlds of art, culture, business, group relations, religion, and ecology.

Located in the heart of the city, the program’s contact area encompasses a microcosm of international sights, scenes, and styles: historic Chinatown, Little Tokyo, Koreatown, Mexican Olvera Street, Skid Row, the African-American cultural center of Leimert Park-Crenshaw, the predominately Caucasian and affluent enclave associated with the University of Southern California, the Central American Pico-Union/Westlake district, and the Filipino-populated Temple/Alvarado area.