Disability Services

The Learning Enrichment Center (LEC) coordinates a number of direct services for undergraduate and graduate/professional students with disabilities. Accommodations are individualized based on a documented disability and the functional limitations of each student.

Steps for Requesting Accommodations

Step One

Download and complete the Request for Accommodations Form (PDF). Make sure to complete every section; incomplete applications will not be reviewed.

Step Two

Along with your application, provide verification of a disability from a professional medical or mental health provider (disability documentation guidelines). Application and documentation may be submitted in person or emailed to disabilityservices@apu.edu. You will receive an email if your documentation is insufficient so that you can resubmit appropriately.

Step Three

Once your application and documentation is complete, you will be contacted within 3-5 business days to attend an intake meeting. Nontraditional students and those at regional campuses may schedule a phone or video conference meeting.

What Happens Next

The accommodation approval process may take several weeks. Be aware that not all accommodation requests will be approved. Disability services staff will review the request and refer students to appropriate resources if a disability-related accommodation is deemed unreasonable. Upon approved accommodations, you will receive an email with your official accommodation memo, which will also be emailed to appropriate APU faculty and/or staff. Once accommodations are established, they are applied proactively rather than retroactively, so planning ahead is very important. If you do not submit the required documentation within 30 days of applying, or the documentation is insufficient, your application will become inactive. You may reapply at any time.