Disability Services

Welcome to APU! The Learning Enrichment Center (LEC) coordinates a number of direct services for undergraduate and graduate students with specific disabilities. Upon documented verification of the disability, academic accommodations are individualized based on the learning needs of each student. Accommodation examples include: advocacy, academic and technical support, registration assistance, testing accommodations, assessment referral, liaison with university academic service areas, and liaison with community agencies.

Requesting Accommodations

In order to request accommodations, complete a Disability Accommodations Application and provide documentation of your disability from a qualified professional.

Disability Accommodations Application

You may print out and complete the Disability Accommodations Application and email it to program coordinator Patricia Larson at plarson@apu.edu.

Or you may complete the online Disability Accommodations Application.


Certification of your disability must be completed by a professional in disability services, education, medicine, psychology, or a related area and provided on letterhead in order for your application to be processed. Documentation of your disability can be emailed to Patricia Larson at plarson@apu.edu or faxed to (626) 815-3859. The LEC is an office designated to maintain the confidential documentation of students with disabilities. Documentation of a student’s disability is considered equivalent to medical records and is required to be kept separate from academic records.

Once we have received your application and documentation, we will schedule a time for you to meet with Heather McClure, the disability services coordinator. If you have questions about disability accommodations, email her at hmcclure@apu.edu.

You may contact the LEC for additional documentation requirements, and view the university’s Disability Grievance Policy for Students.