Distance Proctoring for Assessments

Do you live too far away from APU to come to campus to complete your placement assessments? We can help! Learn more about distance proctoring for APU students, including student responsibilities and APU’s academic dishonesty statement. Please find information below regarding how to arrange a proctored assessment via distance for a specific exam. Contact the Learning Enrichment Center at (626) 815-3849 or lec@apu.edu with questions about distance proctoring for placement/proficiency assessments.

ALEKS Placement Assessment (Math)

  • Identify the testing center where you would like to have the exam proctored.
  • Complete an Examination Request Form: ALEKS.
  • Fax (626) 815-3859 or scan and email (lec@apu.edu) the completed Examination Request Form: ALEKS to the Learning Enrichment Center.
  • You will receive notification from the Learning Enrichment Center once the selected proctor site has been approved.
  • Once you have received approval, please note that it is up to the student to pay any related proctoring fees (usually range from $25-$45) and to arrange a date and time to take the assessment through the chosen testing center.

Other Resources: ALEKS PPL Information for Proctors

OPIc Proficiency Assessment (Foreign Language)

Students can arrange to take the OPIc at a location of their choosing during the OPIc online assessment registration process by following these steps:

  • Go to languagetesting.com. Mouse over “Sign In” (top right), then click on “Test Candidates.”
  • Follow the prompt to “Click Here” under the option of “Testing for a School, teaching license and/or any other licensure programs?”
  • If you have not yet registered with Language Testing International (LTI), click on “Buy a Test” and follow the prompts, including selecting Azusa Pacific University as your institution, the OPIc instrument, the specific language in which you will take an assessment, etc.
  • When you reach the “Select Your Proctor” page, choose “K12 School or University or other Testing Center.”
  • Before completing this step, you will need to know your proctor name, title, institution, phone number, fax number, and email address.
  • Please arrange a time and date with your chosen testing center prior to completing this form. You will have an opportunity to enter in the previously arranged and agreed-upon assessment time during the OPIc online registration process.

Other Resources: OPIc Information for Proctors

FLATS Testing (Foreign Language)

  • Identify your desired testing center and confirm if it is set up to proctor FLATS exams. If it is not, contact FLATS to find out the next step.
  • Once you have identified an approved testing site, visit the FLATS website.
  • Under the “Online Tests” tab, click on “Register for a Test.”
  • Fill out the information requested, including proctor information. You will need the following proctor information in order to complete your assessment registration: proctor name, department, educational institution, address, phone number, and email address.
  • Once you have completed your registration, note that it is your responsibility to arrange the time and place (at least one day in advance) of your exam with the proctor; do not expect the proctor to contact you, and do not show up to take your exam without contacting the proctor first.

Learn more about FLATS testing.

CLEP Testing

CLEP testing is available at testing centers across the nation.

  • Complete the CLEP registration process at clep.collegeboard.org.
  • Locate a CLEP testing facility near you.
  • Contact the identified test center to schedule an appointment to take your CLEP exam.
  • Remember to ask about additional administrative fees that may be charged on the day of your assessment and acceptable methods of payment.

Learn more about CLEP testing.