Study Rooms

Study rooms are located in the Marshburn and Darling Libraries, and are provided for the use of students.

Study rooms are generally available for two to four people per small room (although groups of two take precedence) and four or more persons per large room.

They are available on a first come, first serve basis. Reservations are no longer available for study room use. An exception will be considered by contacting the User Services Librarian.

Some of the Marshburn study rooms are equipped with CD, DVD, and VC players, for course related purposes.

The rooms are not soundproof so please be considerate of nearby patrons.

Time restrictions (2 hour maximum use) may be imposed during heavy usage periods.

Food and beverages are permitted.

The use of a study room is at the discretion of the library. Study rooms may be monitored by library personnel. Any non-acceptable use may lead to forfeiting the use of the room. Examples of non-acceptable use are: using it as a classroom, watching non course related items on the TV’s, eating in the rooms, and sleeping in a room.

Backpacks, and other belongings, are not adequate to “claim the room”.

If you have any questions regarding this policy please contact the libraries at (626) 815-3847.