What We Did on Our Summer Vacation

Posted: September 6, 2010

The APU Library Catalog has a new, cleaner design.

EBSCOhost databases have a new look and feel.

LibX gives you 1-click access to APU-owned books and articles mentioned on the websites you visit.

Google Scholar Library Links now work more seamlessly.

New LibGuides are available this year.

Welcome to a new academic year at APU! The APU Libraries are pleased to announce several new and improved tools to help you become a more productive researcher. What's new this year?

A new design for the library catalog

We've completely redesigned the APU Library Catalog this summer. Most of the improvements are cosmetic, but the new design is also more accessible for patrons using screen readers, as well as being more printer-friendly.

We've also set up a new feature, "My Lists," which allows you to create and save lists of items from the library catalog--great for working on research papers!

Redesigned EBSCOhost interface

Our 40+ EBSCOhost databases have a new look and feel this year. EBSCOhost databases are among the most heavily-used resources on our library website, so we hope that the new design will make research easier for many of our patrons.


LibX is an add-on for FIrefox and Internet Explorer that brings APU's library resources to you, wherever you are online. If you have LibX installed, anytime you come across an ISBN, ISSN, or DOI online, it will magically transform into a link that searches APU's collection.

You'll be amazed by how many books and articles you can find in the APU Libraries' collections through LibX! LibX can save you time and money by reducing the number of books and articles you need to buy online. To learn more and download LibX, see http://libx.org/editions/download.php?edition=E9B29E98.

Improvements to Google Scholar Library Links

Last year, we set up our library holdings in Google Scholar's Library Links program. When you go to Scholar Preferences and add APU as your library link, Google Scholar will show you links to full text articles available in the APU Libraries' collections. (More information about Google Scholar Library Links is available at http://www.apu.edu/library/announcements/14927/.)

This summer, we've improved the underlying code to better handle DOIs in Google Scholar. Basically, the updates should result in better-quality links and more full text in your Google Scholar results, saving you time and money. Hooray!

New LibGuides

Finally, we've published several new LibGuides this summer. These new LibGuides include a guide to finding dissertations and theses and a guide to cited reference searching in Web of Science, as well as several subject-specific guides.



While you're checking out our new tools, don't forget about some of the library improvements you may have missed last year:

  • Multi-Database Search
    The Multi-Database Search tool allows you to search multiple databases at the same time.
  • Full Text Finder
    Full Text Finder is a button that appears in many of our databases. When you have a citation with no full text, click the button to automatically search our collection for a full-text copy. For more information, see http://www.apu.edu/library/announcements/15340/.
  • Ask A Librarian
    Get instant online research help through Ask A Librarian, our chat reference service. When the chat window on the APU Libraries website is illuminated, a local librarian is available to chat with you. Otherwise, you can leave a message for the APU librarians, or click over to the nationwide AskNow system, a 24/7 online research help service. For more information, see http://www.apu.edu/library/help/asknow/.
  • Twitter/Facebook
    Want to be the first to know about new library tools, services, and events? Become a Facebook fan or follow us on Twitter!

That's all for now. We're looking forward to serving you this year!