U.S. Constitution Challenge Examination

This exam option is intended for California teaching credential candidates who must fulfill the U.S. Constitution requirement for Baccalaureate candidates. The exam is administered online through APU's site. Those who successfully pass the exam with a score of 80% or higher will receive a Certificate of Completion by email as confirmation that they have completed this requirement toward their credential.


Registration is $100 and can be completed by filling out the U.S. Constitution Challenge Exam form.

Please note, APU students are eligible for a discount. Click the green “Tickets” bar and then “Enter Promotional Code.” Enter “APU” (not case-sensitive, no quotation marks) to apply the discount.

Within 2 business days of completing registration, registrants receive an email with further instructions and a link that allows access to the online site, which contains the materials to study along with the exam.


Candidates will need to:

  • Take the exam within 2 weeks from the time the access email is sent.
  • Study the provided exam materials.
  • Take the exam within the 1-hour time limit. After 60 minutes, the exam will be locked.
  • Submit exam when completed.
  • Immediately inform us via the email link if connection is lost during the exam and requires logging on again, preventing exam completion. If this happens, we will allow additional time to complete the exam.

A score of 80% is passing. Those who receive a score of 79% or less may remediate the course (at no additional charge) by completing the essay portion. After a passing score is achieved, a Certificate of Completion will be emailed to the candidate.