Librarian-approved, Time-saving Research Tips, Part 1: Check out LibGuides

Note: this is the first post in an 8-part series of tips designed to make you a better researcher.

Last year, we rolled out a brand-spanking-new research help tool called LibGuides. The LibGuides system contains librarian-created guides, tailor-made for specific courses, assignments, and subjects. We've also got general how-to guides designed to help with creating bibliographies, starting research papers, requesting books and articles, and more.

But the real time-saving value of LibGuides can be found in course- and subject-specific guides. For example, check out this guide for GNRS506 (Spiritual Care). In it, my colleague Michelle Spomer gives you step-by-step guidance on how to research a spiritual care concept using library resources. She covers everything from doing a word study when you don't know Hebrew or Greek, to finding books on your concept, to locating articles in recommended theology databases. A guide like this can save you tons of time by pointing you to the best resources for your topic, especially when you're not as familiar with library resources as you'd like to be.

We have LibGuides for lots of different subjects and courses, including business, education, and theology. If you don't see a LibGuide for your subject, consider contacting your subject librarian (did you know each subject had a librarian?) and asking him or her to create one.

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